Techno Debates

With the aim to create a lively community of scholars interested in the political consequences of technological change, we started a virtual mini-seminar series called Techno Debates. The current and past program is available below. Please reach out in case you want to join as audience or present some of your work.



#1 11 June 2020: Karen Jeffrey (Kings College London)
“Automation and the Future of Work: How Rhetoric Shapes the Response in Policy Preferences”

#2 10 July 2020: Piero Stanig (Bocconi University), Maria Petrova (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and Nikolas Schoell (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
“The Political Consequences of Robotization”

#3 10 November 2020: Anke Hassel (Hertie School), Stefano Sacchi (Italian National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policy), and Marius Busemeyer (Konstanz University)
“Roundtable Debate on the Welfare State in the Age of Digitalization”

#4 21 January 2021: Hong Yi Tu Ye (MIT) and Marta Golin (Oxford)
“Technology and the COVID-19 Pandemic”

#5 25 February 2021: Aina Gallego (UB and IBEI) and Thomas Kurer (Konstanz and Zurich) “The Politics of Automation”

#6 29 April 2021: Nicole Wu (Princeton)
“Little to Lose: Exit Options and Technological Receptiveness in China”

#7 25 November 2021: Timo Seidl (Vienna University) and Pascal König (Kaiserslautern University)
“The (Non-)Politicization of Digitalization”

#8 1 November 2022: Liam Beiser-McGrath (LSE) and Valentina González-Rostani (University of Pittsburgh)
“The Threat of Automation and Public Support for Environmental Policy”

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